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Cosmetic Raw Material Avatar
Cosmetic Raw Material
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

Phycocyanin spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae in the shape of a perfect spiral coil living both in sea and freshwater. Spirulina contains Phycocyanin, It is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. Spirulina is rich in essential fatty acids, a variety of Vitamins, and also a good source of Minerals. Besides, Spirulina contains many pigments. Organic Pumpkin Powder is the pumpkin powder. Pumpkin seed extract is rich in carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, carotene, pectin, and potassium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements, in addition to citrulline, arginine and some enzymes on the human body Very useful, fat content is very low. Rosmarinic acid is considered to be a natural, efficient and stable (high temperature durable), security, non-toxic and side-effects, water-soluble antioxidants and a green food additive. Stesweet stevia, a modern natural sweetener extracted from stevia, is also be named as stevia sugar. Stevioside features high sweetness and low calorie and its sweetness is 200-350 times of that of cane sugar but its calorie is only 1/300 of that of cane sugar. A large number of pharmaceutical tests have proved that stevioside has no side effects, carcinogens, and is safe for eating. Turmeric extract powder can be used as products for regulating menstruation, it is mainly used in health product industry. Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. The two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but the technical difference between the two is that turmeric extract powder is the yellowish powder used to flavor foods, while curcumin is a chemical contained within turmeric. We also have ghana seed extract.

Health Care Raw Material Avatar
Health Care Raw Material
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

Spine Date Seed is a traditional Chinese herb. It contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, betulinic acid, betulin and etc. Jujube seed powder was used to soothe the nerves, stop sweating, nourish the heart, benefit the liver, treat insomnia, tranquilize the mind. Zeaxanthin belongs to a group of bioflavonoids known as carotenoids, a group that is further subdivided into two groups: carotenes and xanthophylls. Lutein and zeaxanthin supplements is one of the xanthophylls, which are found most abundantly in dark, leafy green vegetables, and are crucial to the good health of the eyes. The retina of the eye actually contains a lot of zeaxanthin, which is why it is so important to include this carotenoid in your diet. Lycopene is a powerfull antioxidant. It makes tomatoes red. It is soluble in oils and insoluble in water. Lycopene is easily absorbed by the organism and is naturally present in human plasma and tissues in higher concentrations than the other carotenoids. In traditional Chinese medicine, the mulberry leaf extract weight loss are considered to be of sweet, bitter and cold properties, which are associated with the liver and lung meridians, and functions to clear lung heat (to manifest as a fever, headache,sore throat or cough) and clear fire in the liver. They are also used to stop bleeding, especially in patients who are vomiting blood. Naringin is the major flavonoid glycoside in grapefruit and gives grapefruit juice its bitter taste. It is metabolized to the flavanone naringenin in humans. Both naringin and hesperetin, which are the aglycones of naringin and hesperidin, occur naturally in citrus fruits. Naringin exerts a variety of pharmacological effects such as antioxidant activity, blood lipid lowering, anticancer activity, and inhibition of selected drug metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes, including CYP3A4 and CYP1A2, which may result in drug drug interactions in vivo. Ingestion of naringin and related flavonoids can also affect the intestinal absorption of certain drugs, leading to either an increase or decrease in circulating drug levels.

Herbal Extract Avatar
Herbal Extract
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

A major component of retinal pigment: lutein and zeaxanthin constitutes a major component of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plant pigments, as well as the human eye macular area main pigment. Lutein eye complex can protect the eyes from light damage, slow aging and prevent diseases of the eye: the sun's ultraviolet radiation and blue light entering the eye will produce a lot of free radicals, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. Extract Saw Palmetto Plant Extract is an extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens. It is rich in fatty acid and phytosterols. It has been used in traditional, eclectic and altemative medicine for a variety of indications, most notably benign prostatic hyperplasia. Best green coffee bean extract is coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid. This chemical is thought to have health benefits. For high blood pressure it might affect blood vessels so that blood pressure is reduced. For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism. Fenugreek saponins, or Bird's Foot, is also known by its Latin name Trigonella foenum-graecum. It has been used in homeopathic medicine for more than a thousand years by various cultures, such as the Chinese and the Greeks. It is believed to lower cholesterol, help with digestion, and increase a nursing mother's breast milk supply. Fenugreek seed extract is also believed to work as a weight loss aide. Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract is an alcohol extract, which is one of the main herbs for lowering blood lipid and blood diseases. Our plant is close to the "town of Horn Valley" in the mountainous area of Qin Ba. The highest gypenosides were obtained by the famous dry material "seven leaves" extraction, 80%, 98%.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Avatar
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Created by uabedu0325 on Apr, 12 2021 with 1 Members

Akba boswellic acid, also called olibanum, is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia. It is used in incense as well as in perfumes. There are numerous species and varieties of frankincense trees, each producing a slightly different type of resin. Differences in soil and climate create even more diversity of the resin, even within the same species. Boswellia trees are also considered unusual for their ability to grow in environments so unforgiving that they sometimes seem to grow directly out of the solid rock. The trees start producing resin when they are about 8 to 10 years old. Tapping is done 2 to 3 times a year with the final taps producing the best tears due to their higher aromatic terpene, sesquiterpene and diterpene content. Carnosic acid price is an important factor in the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the source of energy for muscle contraction and many other functions in the body. It is a crystalline substance used in muscle tissue for the production of phosphocreatine. Our Glucosamine Sulfate is a dietary supplement which is made from shellfish or prepared in the laboratory. It comes in two forms, glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate also known as Glucose-6-phosphate, GS, amino monosaccharide, sulfated monosaccharide, Chitosamine and D-glucosamine. Tannic acid astringent is in a class of chemicals called tannins, which are found in many plants. Tannic acid refers to tannins that can be dissolved in water, as opposed to the other type, or condensed tannins. According to Cornell University Department of Animal Science, tannins are a group of compounds known as plant polyphenols, which cause proteins to bind and form complexes. Tannins are found in many of the foods you eat, including fruits, teas, wine and edible grasses.

Water Damage & Restoration Club Chula Vista Avatar
Water Damage & Restoration Club Chula Vista
Created by waterdamage99 on Mar, 24 2021 with 1 Members

Website Name: Full Address: 871 Bowsprit Rd Chula Vista, CA 91914 Phone: (949) 946-6614 Category: water damage restoration service Main Keyword: water damage restoration Chula Vista CA Business Description: We Do It All, Cleanup, Drying & Restoration. 30-60 Minute Response for Free Estimates, 24/7. No Extra Charge for Nights, Weekends or Emergencies. Direct Insurance Billing, $0 Out of Pocket Cost Guaranteed. 100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

CSS Tech Security Cameras Avatar
CSS Tech Security Cameras
Created by jesuscruz on Mar, 21 2021 with 1 Members

Business address: 16235 SW 117th Ave #14 Miami, FL 33177, United States Business phone: 305-246-2325 Website: Business owner: Jesus Cruz Business e-mail: Description: CSS Tech is a licensed and experienced security camera installation company in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, Naples, Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Our services range from CCTV to low voltage installations for both commercial and residential properties. With over 16 years’ experience, CSS Tech is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality security systems at an affordable price. CSS Tech is proud to be South Florida’s most trusted and reliable security camera installation company. We only use top-quality products that are guaranteed to operate efficiently and last a very long time. All of our systems are highly secure, user friendly and accessible from anywhere in the world." Category: security system installer Keywords Security Cameras, security camera installer, CCTV Systems, Access control systems, Smart. home systems Hikvision, surveillance system, HD Security cameras Payment: check, credit card most payment options Hours open, Monday 9am–5pm Tuesday 9am–5pm Wednesday 9am–5pm Thursday 9am–5pm Friday 9am–5pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

Biopsy Needles manufacturers Avatar
Biopsy Needles manufacturers
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

Product specification Shenzhen Manners Technology Co.,Ltd is the supplier of some of the world鈥檚 famous international companies like Blum Novotest, Komet, Geneva Lab, BTL, etc.. We specialize in telescoping parts, needle manufacturing, multi-axis CNC machining, Swiss-type turning, laser cut tubing, laser welding and automated assemblies for the medical, endoscopic, arthroscopic, orthopedic, firearms, defense, automotive, and specialty industrial markets. Product nameStainless Steel biopsy needle guide for ultrasound materialAluminum Alloy,Brass, stainless steel, steel, etc. Surface TreatmentAnodizing, Sandblasting, Painting, Powder coating, Plating, Silk Printing, Brushing, Polishing, Laser Engraving Machining OptionTurning, grinding, milling, welding, bending, drilling, swaging, flaring, slot-cutting, stamping, deep-drawing, capping, beveling, etc. Custom featureAccording to your 2D/3D Drawing or sample provided PackageStandard carton or according to customer's requirement CertificationISO9001:2015, SGS Our Service We have a professional CNC machine, which can meet all your needs. Whether it is a large-sized product or a small-sized product, we can make and produce products for you, our products are exported to many countries and have received unanimous favorable comments. Our Certification Packing & Delivery FQA Contact Details: Choose Manners as your custom experts! We鈥檒l help you bring your ideas to market faster, with the highest quality grade product you鈥檝e come to expect from our reputation.Biopsy Needles manufacturers website:

Kids Face Shield Mask Avatar
Kids Face Shield Mask
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Shenzhen Cygedin printing& Packing Co., Ltd. is Shenzhen printing &packaging industry leading enterprises. Based on deep understanding we printed on the packaging of the deep understanding and box production, is committed to eco-friendly, creative, personality, valuable, texture of printing&packaging paper products research and development, planning, design and production. Our Factory The factory has many advanced equipment in the industry, and the production department has many years of experience in the industry, which can meet your customized needs. Our Product The company's products include gift boxes, paper boxes, paper bags, stickers, etc. packaging products, plastic face masks, face masks Product Application Products are widely used to provide the best protection for commodities, improve the image of the product and increase the added value of the product Our Certificate CE, Alibaba Cooperative Enterprise Production Equipment Have the most advanced Heidelberg printing machine, automatic forming machine, paper cutter, etc. Production Market The company's main sales areas are all over the world, and each year can reach 1 million US dollarsKids Face Shield Mask website:

Golf Mat manufacturers Avatar
Golf Mat manufacturers
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

Product Description Note: High temperature tolerance:-35鈩?to +70鈩?/p> 1. Newest product, best quality, 2. Useful life 8 years, could be used outdoor or indoor 3. 4 tones, looks more like nature grass 4. All weather use. with good water permeability 5.100% recycled environment friendly 6. Good U.V. resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance. 7. Fire proof drainage well 8. International certification: The German SGS certification, CE certification FAQ 1. Are you a manufacturer? A: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer, providing professional solutions in golf mats and artificial grass industry for over 10 years. 2. Why choose us? 路 Professional supplier on webbing customized products; 路 Lowest factory price with good quality; 路 Low MOQ for start small business; 路 Free sample to check quality; 路 Accept trade assurance order to protect buyer; 路 On-time delivery. 3. How to make a precise quotation? Option 1: size, material. Option 2: pile height, density, color; Option 3: weight per mat, printing logo; Option 4: loading weight, usage, we can design the perfect golf mat for you. 4. Could you specially design and produce for clients? A: Sure, we have all kinds of professional engineers. We can design and produce special products according to customers' request, such as: special size, special shape, OEM, ODM, etc. 5. What is the delivery time? A: Generally it will take about 15-25 days.Golf Mat manufacturers website:

Vertical Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank factory Avatar
Vertical Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank factory
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

鈽匫ur History 鈥?In 1986, heze kao high pressure container experimental plant of shandong academy of sciences was established. 鈥?In 1993, he ze kao high pressure container co., LTD. 鈥?In 1995, obtained the earliest class D manufacturing qualification in the same industry in shandong province. 鈥?In 1998, entered the refrigeration market and produced the first refrigeration auxiliary equipment. 鈥?In 2003, heze boiler factory was acquired. 鈥?In 2005, obtained A2 design and manufacturing qualification in the same year. 鈥?In 2008, the first 30m low-temperature liquid oxygen storage tank left the factory. 鈥?In 2009, a new plant at no. 766 lanzhou road was put into operation, with an added capacity of 13,000 tons per year. 鈥?In 2011, heze kao container cryogenic products served China aerospace toray rocket base. 鈥?In 2012, heze kao was listed in the procurement list of China national offshore oil corporation. 鈥?In August 2012, the company established the environmental protection research and development department. 鈥?In 2013, the first 260-kilogram ultra-high pressure container was delivered. 鈥?In March 2014, 766 lanzhou road added 25 mu of land. 鈥?In July 2014, heze kao pipeline equipment installation co., LTD. 鈥?In November 2015, our company successfully completed the Chinese space experiment module. 鈥?In November 2015, strategic investment was made in beihai rural bank co., LTD. 鈥?In December 2015, internal environmental protection r&d department was independently established as shandong new danone environmental protection technology co., LTD. 鈥?In 2015, the output value was 130 million yuan, 11600T, and 2168 sets of products were completed in December. 鈥?In 2016, A1 design certificate replacement was completed in June, and A1 manufacturing certificate replacement was completed in July. 鈥?In January 2017, invested in heze rongbang private financing registration service co., LTD. 鈽匫ur Factory In 1986, the company was founded in heze, shandong. Heze kao pressure vessel co., LTD. (heze kao for short), established 34 years ago, insists on deep cultivation of container manufacturing, has built shandong province cryogenic container and cryogenic equipment research center, large-scale chemical equipment manufacturing base, specializing in the production of liquefied gas storage tank, cryogenic storage tank, refrigeration auxiliary machinery and environmental protection equipment. Company is located in the city of peony heze city high-tech economic and technological development zone, is located in longhai economic zone and the big jingjiu economy cooperation with two economic belt interchange, east and west, south and the industrial transfer in the front position, and the level of jinan, Qingdao modern transport hub, is in the central plains economic zone and the silk road economic belt two important node location of national strategy. Current head office sets of heze peony district kao pipeline equipment installation co., LTD., heze emperor youzhu of northern qi and natural gas energy co., LTD and shandong new danone environmental protection technology co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of three, in addition the northern village bank equity investment co., LTD., heze melt folk financing registration service co., LTD., etc. Several companies. The company has developed into a design, manufacturing, production and installation as one of the group companies, involving machinery manufacturing, finance, service, environmental protection and other industries. The company has the design and manufacturing qualification of A1A2 pressure vessel issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and the qualification of GB2/GC2 pressure pipeline installation. It was successfully listed in Shanghai stock exchange on August 21, 2015. The company covers an area of 143,000 square meters and has more than 480 employees, including 8 senior engineers, 15 engineers, 5 doctors, 9 master students, 4 certified quality assurance engineers, 43 certified senior welding technicians, 4 pressure vessel design A audit personnel, 7 nondestructive testing personnel, and 3 certified physical and chemical personnel. The lifting capacity is up to 160 tons, the maximum cold coil is 120mm, the whole heat treatment furnace is 4.4mx5.5mx25m, the paint room is one, two sets of large diffusion pumps, argon arc (GTAW), submerged arc (SAW), CO2 protective welding (MIG) machine and other automatic welding machines are complete; Testing equipment, X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle flaw detector, hydraulic universal testing machine, carbon and sulfur analyzer, pendulum impact testing machine, impact projector, spectrophotometer, helium simple leak detector, etc. 鈽匫ur Product 1. Design, manufacture and installation of A1/A2 non-standard pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers and stirring reaction equipment. 2. Design, manufacture, installation and general contracting services of LNG/ liquid oxygen/liquid nitrogen/liquid argon/liquid carbon dioxide and other low-temperature storage tanks, large low-temperature storage tanks, LNG filling stations, gasification stations and centralized gas supply projects. 3. Design, manufacture, installation and other services of ammonia refrigeration auxiliary equipment and cold storage at low and normal temperature. 4. Design, manufacture and installation of titanium, zirconium, nickel, bidirectional steel, haas alloy and other non-ferrous metal equipment. 5. Design, manufacture and installation of GB2/GC2 pressure pipes and pressure vessels. 鈽匬roduct Application Nuclear power equipment, oil equipment, chemical equipment, Marine special equipment, pressure vessel (A1, A2), pressure pipes, refrigeration equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, environmental equipment and relevant instruments and meters, accessories design, manufacture, sales, maintenance and technical advisory services more intelligent three-dimensional garage, intelligent hardware machinery and equipment research and development, manufacture, promotion; Technology development, technology transfer, technology consultation and service in the field of metal products, chemical products, new energy and new materials 鈽匬roduction Market Our clients are: China aerospace science and technology corporation, institute of physics, Chinese academy of sciences, cnooc, sinopec, China huadian, yanchang petroleum, shengli group, dongming petrochemical, yingde gas, meisel, fazikong, linde, praxair, tsingtao beer, jinluo food, mengniu, China resources, shougang, yankuang group and other domestic and foreign enterprise customers. 鈽匫ur Service 1. The company establishes files and service CARDS for users and visits users regularly or irregularly. 2. As for the feedback of users' quality information, the after-sales service department of the supplier shall respond within one hour. If on-site service is required, the seller shall immediately prepare maintenance materials and tools after receiving the direct and accurate information from the buyer, and shall arrive at the site within 24 hours to solve the problem. 3. During the quality guarantee period, the seller shall repair or replace the tank free of charge if there is any quality problem caused by the seller's design, manufacture or other reasons; After the warranty period is expired, the service charges only the cost of repair or replacement, providing the buyer with a lifetime of service. 4. The after-sales service department of the seller shall have a quality tracking card for each equipment provided by the seller to the buyer, which shall keep a detailed record of the equipment purchased by the buyer and the repair and maintenance of the equipment, so as to facilitate our understanding of the use of the buyer and the quality tracking of the products sold by us. 5. The after-sales service department of the seller shall visit or petition the buyer from time to time every year to listen to the buyer's Suggestions and opinions on our products and services, so that we can improve the quality of products and services and better serve the buyer. 6. The seller shall provide free vacuum test of the storage tank for life, and guarantee the welding seam of the storage tank for life.Vertical Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank factory website:

Uvex Lab Goggles manufacturers Avatar
Uvex Lab Goggles manufacturers
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

鈥?Our History Hygiene Protection, focused on OEM business of full range of Disposable Consumable & Hygiene Protection series products, which is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of medical disposable products. The company has progressed throughout the years, accumulating strong economic strength, a well-trained co-operation team, avant-garde product design and development, and a strict quality control system. Our unique advantage is Lyncmed Resource Planning System, which help tracking order status for every key process to make good control of delivery time. 鈥?Our Factory -Factory with over 20,000 square meters, exporting to more than 60 countries -Average 120 containers ship-out monthly -Served over 600 international customers -US Dollar 60M sales revenue in 2018 -70% of products to export market 鈥?Our Product -Medical examination Gloves (Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl) -Medical Disposable products: Surgical gowns, Coverall, Lab Coat, Isolation Gown, Patient Gown, Cap, Face mask, Apron, shoe/sleeve cover, Surgical Pack, Bed Sheet, Bed Cover etc. -Wound Care Products: Gauze Products, Wound Dressings, Brandage & Tapes, Cleaning & Disinfection Products etc. 鈥?Product Application We are serving wide ranges of the medical and industry healthcare market, such as -Medical Hygiene: Hospitals and clinics, Nursing homes, Private medical practices -Industrial Safety Protection: Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) -Food Processing Industry -Healthcare Hygiene Industry -Dental Care Consumables -Agricultural Industry 鈥?Our Certificate We have obtained professional qualifications in the form of CE, ISO,FDA certificates. 鈥?Production Equipment Our monthly production capacity is over 120*40HQ containers. 鈥?Production Market Our products have exported to more than 60 countries and highly recognized by more than 600 global customers. 鈥?Our Service We undertake OEM and ODM orders and warmly welcome global customers to contact our customer service center. We base all communication on mutual benefit and reciprocate the procurement requirements of your company. Our company doors always open and we welcome you to visit us in person as well. We make better healthcare accessible.Uvex Lab Goggles manufacturers website: website2:

China Reaction Kettle Avatar
China Reaction Kettle
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

ZW enamelled tank is also called horizontal enamelled tank, horizontal enamelled tank and horizontal enamelled tank.Is a glass lining equipment. I. Overview: ZW lined glass storage tank is made of glass lined with high silica content on the inner surface of steel vessel. After being burned at high temperature, the glass is firmly pressed on the metal surface to become composite material products.Therefore, it has the stability of glass and metal strength double advantages, is an excellent corrosion resistance equipment.Has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, pesticide, food and other industries.In order to ensure the normal use of the glass lining equipment, the main properties, installation and use precautions are explained as follows: Ii. Technical Specifications: 1. Allowable pressure 2. Acid resistance: It has good corrosion resistance to all kinds of organic acids, inorganic acids and organic solvents.If the glass samples produced by our factory are placed in 20%HCI solution and boiled for 48h, the corrosion rate is 0.9LG /m2.d(the index of excellent products is 1.0g/m2.d). 3. Alkali resistance: The corrosion resistance of enamelware is worse than that of acid solution.But will I plant glass test??The samples were corroded by 1N sodium hydroxide solution, and the test temperature was 80鈩?for 48h.The corrosion rate was 6.76g/m2.d(the superior index was 7.0g/m2.d). 4. Operating temperature: Glass lining equipment heating and cooling, should be carried out slowly.The operating temperature of the glass lining equipment manufactured by our factory is 0-200鈩? and the temperature resistance and acute degeneration are 鈮?00鈩? 5. Thickness of porcelain layer: The thickness of the porcelain coating for the glass lining equipment is 0.8-2.0mm, and the thickness of the porcelain coating for the accessories of the glass lining equipment is 0.6-1.8mm. 6. Voltage resistance: The enameled glass has good insulation. When the enamel layer is checked by 20KV high-frequency spark within the specified thickness, the high-frequency spark cannot break through the porcelain layer. 7. Impact resistance: The smaller the internal stress of the glass layer, the better the elasticity, the greater the hardness, the higher the flexural compressive strength, the better the impact resistance.The impact energy of the glass layer in our factory is 282脳 10-3j (the excellent index is 260脳 10-3j) when it is impacted by steel ball with diameter of 30mm and weight of 112g within the specified thickness. Iii. Installation, Use and Maintenance: 1. The porcelain surface shall be protected by soft pads such as rubber board during hoisting. All tool parts shall not contact or collide with the porcelain surface to avoid damaging the porcelain surface. 2. When handling equipment without packing boxes, only the tank ear and supporting foot of the equipment shall be stressed, and the pipe hoop, clamp and other vulnerable parts shall not be stressed. The equipment shall be lifted and put down lightly to avoid vibration and collision, and no rolling or crowbar shall be used to pry during handling. 3. The outer wall of the enamelled iron tire shall not be welded. 4. The joints of all enamel parts shall be made of spacers that are flexible, corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant and of suitable width and thickness according to the reaction medium or temperature.Asbestos rubber gasket is adopted. Generally, the joint of tank body and tank cover is as follows: thickness 鈮?5mm, width 15-40mm;The joint is: thickness 鈮?mm, width 15-30mm. 5. In use, pay attention to the sealing condition of each flange connection. If leakage is found, take immediate measures; in case of acid, neutralize and wash with alkaline solution. 6. The glass lining equipment should not be used for storage and reaction of the following media, otherwise it will be damaged quickly by corrosion: (1) Hydrofluoric acid of any concentration and temperature; (2) PH锛?2. Alkaline medium with temperature greater than 100鈩? (3) Phosphoric acid with concentration above 30% and temperature above 180鈩? (4) Alternating acid base reaction; (5) Containing fluoride in other media. 7. When entering the tank for equipment maintenance, soft pads should be placed on the tank bottom to avoid tools falling into the tank, and rubber shoes (rubber shoes, plastic shoes) should be worn to avoid damaging the porcelain surface. 8. In case of material outlet blockage, do not use metal tools shovel hit, can be used wood or other soft objects dredge. 9. Regular inspection should be carried out in the process of use. If glass lining fragments are found in the released materials, they should be checked immediately to find out the reasons and measures.Materials bonded to the surface of the tank should be cleaned in a timely manner. Metal tools should not be used in cleaning to prevent damage to the glass lining. The glass lining equipment is made by coating the porcelain glaze with high silicon content on the metal surface and making the porcelain glaze close to the surface of the metal iron tire by firing at 950鈩?Therefore, it has the double advantages of chemical stability and metal strength similar to glass. Enamel equipment is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, dyes, pesticides, organic synthesis, petroleum, food manufacturing and national defense industry and other industrial production and scientific research in the reaction, evaporation, concentration, synthesis, extraction, polymerization, saponification, mineralization, chlorination, nitrification and so on, in order to replace the expensive stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.Corrosion resistance: for a variety of concentrations of inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent and weak base and other media are very strong corrosion resistance.However, it is not suitable for strong base, hydrofluoric acid and fluoride ion medium, and phosphoric acid with temperature greater than 180鈩?and concentration greater than 30%.China Reaction Kettle website:

Silicone Hose Kit For Benz suppliers Avatar
Silicone Hose Kit For Benz suppliers
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

Ningbo Tiandai Auto Parts Co.,Ltd, established at 2014, is a professional factory which is specialized in manufacturing all types of silicone hoses used in Car, Truck, Motorcycle and other machines. Factory is located in Ningbo city which is the geographical center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, and Ningbo port is the 2nd largest port in China. The transportation is very convenient, which is 148 kilometers from Shanghai in the north, 138 kilometers from Hangzhou in the west. Company aim to provide the best quality silicone hoses in performance and share a whole heap of technical knowledge as well. We offer a range of turbo, coolant and ancillary silicone hoses in either complete car kits or in universal form for the custom application. In recent years, with the development of new energy vehicles our product Food-grade silicone hose is more widely used in the Hydrogen Fuel cell Vehicle. At present, we have 8 series, more than 600 kinds of hoses which are sold to domestic and overseas market. Company always adhere to the "Quality first, Service paramount, Technology innovation" corporate purposes, Execute relevant quality management system strictly, Do our best efforts to provide best services to all the customers.Silicone Hose Kit For Benz suppliers website: website2:

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine suppliers Avatar
Carbonated Drink Filling Machine suppliers
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Product Description: The series Soda drink filling machine adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic bottle rinsing, Soda drink filling and cap screwing. It employs isobaric filling technology from Germany. It is equipped with CO2 accuracy pressure control, so that the liquid level is always stable. The application of alarm devices for bottle jam, bottle shortage, bottle damage, cap shortage, over loading etc. in several places ensure the quality of its production. The machine obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high grade of automation and easy operation etc. Cola, Sprite, Soda, speaking water, cocktail, flavored water...the variety of carbonated beverages is ever-changing. New trends, new products, and new packaging are emerging continuously. For carbonated filling machines, no matter what products, our filling Machine will achieve your target with the best technology. Characteristic: 1. It can carry out bottle washing filling and capping in one machine. 2. The whole machine designing is reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and the maintenance is convenient. 3. It adopts bottleneck blocking type conveying-bottle structure to make changing bottle model more convenient, faster and easier. 4. Most advantage isobaric filling technology is installed in this machine to guarantee the filling effect. 5. The main machine adopts advanced PLC control technology. The key electric elements are adopting international famous products. Technical Specifications: ModelDCGF14-12-6DCGF18-18-6DCGF24-24-8DCGF32-32-10DCGF40-40-12 Washing Heads1418243240 Filling Heads1218243240 Caping Heads6681012 Capacity(b/h)200040006000800012000 Filling Precision鈮?5mm鈮?5mm鈮?5mm鈮?5mm鈮?5mm Power(Kw)2.23.754.85.56.3 Wight Kg25003500480056006500 Size锛坢m锛?/p>2250x1700x23002400x1960x23003010x2180x24004000x2250x25004200x3000x3150 >Carbonated Drink Filling Machine suppliers website:

china bathroom vanity unit Avatar
china bathroom vanity unit
Created by mzhaylek on Mar, 17 2021 with 1 Members

About Uschina bathroom vanity unit website:

Ep150 Conveyor Belt price Avatar
Ep150 Conveyor Belt price
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鈼?We established our factory in 2013 Our factory located in Hunan province, we worked with SANY, ZOOMLION, since the reliable quality and service, we have enjoyed a good reputation in the field of China's construction machinery industry and have repeatedly entered the top ten in the industry. 鈼?In 2017, we established SHEN ZHEN CHANLY-TECH.TRADE CO., LTD Focus on providing products and services for customers around the world, and built a profession team. We worked with Conch Cement, Sinohydro Group etc. 鈼?In 2018, we established PT.FEIHONG TRADING INTERNATIONAL We went to many countries to investigate and conduct detailed investigation and analysis of the local market, finally, established our subsidiary in Indonesia--PT.FEIHONG TRADING INTERNATIONAL. With the advantages of production technology and raw materials, our products quickly entered the local market and won a place, so we opened a retail&wholesale store in Jakarta in 2020.Ep150 Conveyor Belt price website:

Spirometer quotation Avatar
Spirometer quotation
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Handheld Bluetooth Spirometer SP80B Introduction SP80B BLUETOOTH SPIROMETER is a hand-held equipment used for checking lung conditions. It adopts the infrared mode to measure relative items, such as FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, etc., and this spirometer applicable for hospital, clinic for routine test. Features Parameters including FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC and PEF can be measured. And the test condition can be shown by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value. 1.User information setup. 2.Case review function. 3.Mass storage of cases, stores up to 9999 cases. 4.Expiratory time indication function. 5.Data transmission by Bluetooth and USB. 6.Calibration function ensures test accuracy. 7.Power indicator and test indicator light. Performance Volume range0 ~ 10 L Flow rate range0 L/s ~ 16 L/s Volume accuracy卤3 锛?or 卤0.05 L (whichever is greater) Flow rate accuracy卤5 锛?or 卤0.2 L/s (whichever is greater) Working current60 mA Power supplyrechargeable lithium battery Type of protection against electric shockinternally powered equipment Degree of protection against electric shocktype BF applied part Degree of protection against ingress of liquidIP22 Accessories 1.A User Manual 2.A USB data line 3.A mouthpiece 4.A PC software 5.A power adapter (optional) 6.A nose clip (optional) Physical characteristic Dimension: 160 mm*65 mm*45 mm Weight: 190gSpirometer quotation website:

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LED Street Lamp manufacturers
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Advantage: 銆怑nergy Saving銆? The street lights provides SMD 3030 chips, 130lm/w, 2700-7000k, white light, an replacement of 900w parking lot led lights, applicable voltage AC 100-277V, low THD UL driver, energy-saving more than 85% on your electricity bill. 銆怶aterproof銆? waterproof IP 65 for Wet and harsh weather conditions, sufficient brightness outdoor lighting products.corrosion and rusting resistance,excellent heat dissipation performance. 銆怳seful Material銆? Die-cast aluminum housing with excellent heat dissipation performance, dust-proof and corrosion protection.CE certificate to make sure the led shoebox commercial lights quality assurance, more than 5000 hours lifespan, matte surface ensures longer life and safety in road and work area lighting in large project engineering. 銆怣ultiple Usage銆? The led area light is suitable for street, road, garden, school, city expressway, residential areas, sidewalks, gas station, factory, roadways, parks, pathway, porch, playground, stadium, yard or other commercial and industrial lighting. 銆恜ackage銆? Fitted custom pearl cotton and carton package, guarantee the damage of the product during transportation.LED Street Lamp manufacturers website:

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Motorcycle Mould manufacturers
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Rear Fender Mould Part SizePer drawing or the original samples Surface Finishtexture Part MaterialPP Mold cavity1 cavity Mold Steel718, P20 Mold steel treatment wayHeat treatment Mold TypeHot runner Mold life800000- shots 1st. Test mold time50days Mold drop wayAngle Lifter and ejector block PackageSpraying the anti-rust and oil on the surface of the mold, then covering the pp film and put it in the wooden case. Rear fender is a main part like other front cover, front fender,side coover, they are appearance products, request there is not injection marks, flow marks ,white marks or welding lines etc. We shall do mould analysis first to deicede the right positon of injection gate. For all motorcycle parts moulds, it鈥檚 very important to have a good efficient cooling system. We shall make the stepped system with cooling channel to improve the chilling time, this way can have the short cycle time with higher production efficiency. Do we work for motorcycle moulds First, client will send the part drawing and raw materail to us,and tell which parts will be painted,which parts are non painted. Then we will check the structure of each part 1. See if the mould demoudling is ok or not? 2. See if the part thickness is uniform and there is any sink marks? 3. See the structure of the snap joint is easier or not? 4. Will ask client to know which non painted parts need to do the texure,since the angel of surface must be ok to add the texture,otherwise there will be scrath. We prefer to take more time on part design and mould struction, try our test to find out the hidden problem and give solution to improve before mould machining. Shipping and serving 1. Packing: Strong Seaworthy packing in wooden boxes. 2. We will send trial samples till buyer is satisfied with them. 3. Efficient cooling system for all mould 4. Guaranteed period is 12 months starting from the date of moulds installed in the Buyer鈥檚 factory. Welcome to send Motorcycle Rear Fender Mould to quote,will send quotation back within 24hours. SUNGEM MOULD doesnot only provide you the moulds,but also provide you the solutions.Motorcycle Mould manufacturers website:

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Prefabricated Steel Workshop price
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Our History Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd, founded in 1997, is steel structure listed company now after more than 20-year stable development. It is the group member of China Steel Structure Association, member of China Construction Metal Structure Association, committee unit of China Chamber of International Commerce, and is rated as Credit enterprise (class AAA) by Ministry of Commerce and SASAC of PRC. XGZ has now become a high-tech, diversified and export-oriented international private enterprise, integrating R&D, design, production, installation construction and service. Our Factory We totally have 5 plants, including heavy steel structure manufacturing workshop, light steel structure manufacturing workshop, roof &wall production workshop, machinery & poultry equipment plant, windows & doors production workshop. Our factories total annual production of steel structure is 200,000 tons and annual GDP of $500 million. Our Product XGZ is a comprehensive enterprise, professionally engaged in steel structure design, manufacture and installation, its products including high quality PEB steel structure building, warehouse, workshop, prefabricated house, container house, poultry equipment and house, etc. Product Application Steel structure can be used in industrial, commercial and agricultural area, such as office building, shopping mall, warehouse, workshop, storage, hangar, poultry house, etc. Our Certificate We have ISO 9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS, BV and OHSAS18001 certificate, and professional contract qualification of steel structure engineering, general contracting qualification of construction, etc. Production Equipment XGZ possessed large precise and advanced equipment and production lines such as Assembly Machine, Single-armed Type SAW Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, Flaming Cutting Machine, CNC Intersecting line Cutting Machine, Purlin Machine, Corrugated Steel Sheet Production Line, Sandwich Panel Production Line, etc. Production Market Built on more than 20 years of steel structure experience (since 1997), our products had been exported to more than 80 countries & regions around the world, both of our company and products are well received and got high reputation at home and abroad. Our Service Passion, Practicality, Gratitude, and Transcendence is our corporate spirit. Customer satisfied is our business philosophy. With its high reputation, professional attitude, best quality and competitive price, Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd is dedicated to serving every customer to get win-win and keep long-term partnership.Prefabricated Steel Workshop price website: